Shop, Dine and Play in the Washington Harbor District
Restaurants in Washington, NC
Bill's Hotdogs in Washington NC
fashion in Washington, NC
crafts in North Carolina

The many merchants and restaurants in the Washington Harbor District
invite you to join them!

There is an exciting array of unique shops downtown, we invite you to discover them.
Come shop in one of our many shops, stay for dinner in one of our great restaurants
and take a stroll along the Pamlico river.
Visit the Harbor District...Southern hospitality abounds!
It's likely you'll enjoy what we don't have; the crowds, the traffic & the sameness.


Make plans now to attend the AUGUST 2nd Concert in Festival Park featuring MOTHER'S FINEST!
Mother's Finest Comes to Washington August 2nd

Music in the Streets, Washington NC presented by Tayloe's Hospital Pharmacy
Go to the Facebook page to find out details about each event.

Artwalk goes monthly

NC NOW - Washington, NC Boosts its Economic Profile

Watch Tuesday, July 16, 2013 on PBS. See more from NC Now.

We would like to thank our corporate sponsors.
Please consider using their services in the future.

Zaxby's, First South Bank, Potash Corp Aurora, Lee Chevrolet, Coldwell Banker, Washington Daily News, On the Waterfront, Bud Light, Pepsi- Minges

Special thanks goes to the City of Washington, that understands the importance of economic development and actively supports our efforts; both financially and operationally.